As manager environmental affairs for the Spliethoff Group, Sjoerd Hupkes Wijnstra follows the latest discussions on ships emissions, like SOx, NOx, CO2, ballast water, and underwater sound. His main job is to develop a strategy to prepare the Spliethoff Group for the upcoming environmental challenges such as the sulphur limits coming in 2015 and the Tier III in 2016. Furthermore, he co-operates in/with environmental initiatives like the development of an EEDI for small vessels, the Clean Shipping Index, the Environmental Shipping Index and the KVNR.

Sjoerd Hupkes Wijnstra started his shipping career at the chartering department of Wijnne Barends’, the short sea shipping specialist of the Spliethoff Group. He graduated Master of Science in Business Administration from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) with a thesis on how ship owners/operators manage the issue of ships emissions to the air. Sjoerd Hupkes Wijnstra also holds a nautical degree from the Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool.