Mrs Susanna Hambeson, from Sweden, is environmental manager at Volvo Logistics, a Volvo group division in charge of all the freight transports for the Volvo Group. She has nearly 20 years of experience of environmental work in private enterprises and public sector in Sweden.

In her work during the years she has focused  a lot on the process of setting environmental standards in procurement, communicate and monitor that the environmental requirements are followed. Mrs Hambeson also have a close contact with many of the company’s customers who requires that Volvo Logistics keep in the forefront on the environmental issues. She also has a lot of contact with transport suppliers who account for the largest part of the Volvo Logistics environmental impact. Clean Shipping is part of this work.

Volvo Group has been a member of the Clean Shipping network since the start in 2007 and Volvo believes that the cooperation between companies purchasing transport services, in putting pressure on the Sea carriers to really start focusing on the environmental services, will play an important role in the future.